Though you may have heard about modern electrical outlets, such as smart outlets, the truth is that there is a huge number of various outlets styles that you can choose for your house. Every type of outlet is made with particular applications in mind. That’s why it is best to have knowledge of the many applications available to you.

Before you hire a Grand Junction residential electrician to install new outlets for your home, here are several electrical outlets types that you should know:

USB Outlets

There is a chance to find electrical outlets that have 2 USB ports if you have a tendency to use a huge number of appliances and devices that have USB cords attached to them. These outlets are simple for professionals to install. They also include two traditional electrical outlets. USB outlets are sleek in appearance. Basically, they’re the same size as regular outlets. This form of outlet offers you the ability to charge your tablet or smartphone without having to use a separate adapter cord.

Smart Outlets

A smart outlet is the ideal form of an electric outlet to install in your house if you really want a modern home. You can completely control these outlets from your mobile device. This offers you the ability to switch the outlet on and off from any location. All you have to do is open your phone and do a couple of swipes. There is a chance that you have installed already a smart home automation hub in your house if you are currently thinking about this form of outlet. It is vital that the outlet is paired with a smart hub if you want to install a smart outlet in your house.

20A and Switched Outlets

Switched outlets are almost the same as the light switches in a house. But, the switch that is installed on these outlets offers you the chance to shut off outlet power quickly with a flick. This form of outlet can be extremely helpful if you’ve got a small appliance plugged into it. On the other hand, a 20A outlet is a type of outlet that is made to handle 20 amps of power. This is a lot higher compared to the regular 15 amps that are handled by almost every outlet. These are helpful when utilizing high-powered appliances.

AFCI and GFCI Outlets

Usually, a GFCI outlet is installed near water sources in a house due to how they’re made. A GFCI outlet is made to shut down if a short circuit or a ground fault is detected. This helps you prevent electrical fires and other problems. It is vital to install these types of outlets in your kitchen or bathroom since there is a high chance that water will be nearby.

On the other hand, AFCI looks almost the same as GFCI. However, they can protect from arcs of power that can happen in conditions where electricity directly jumps from wire to wire. There’s a chance that AFCI circuit breakers are installed in your house already if it has been constructed after 1999.