This summer, there is a tendency that we could exhaust our AC unit as we try to have a cooler environment in our houses. Especially when our unit malfunctions and we needed AC repair Miami, staying indoor becomes inconvenient.

In times like these that we need to be functional and productive on online classes and home-based work, feeling the hotness of summer may affect our productivity and work output. Of course, there is a way to avoid this, and this is to find good alternatives to have cooler air in the house, and those are what we will be sharing with you.

Keeping the House Cool

By keeping the house away from obtaining and absorbing heat, you already won half of the battle. The following are the things you need to do:

  • Close the curtains – by blocking the direct sunlight, you are keeping away heat entering your house. Also, according to experts, curtains are more effective in blocking sunlight compared to blinds. Also, when the sun is down, it is encouraged to open the curtains and allow the cold breeze to get through.
  • Use cooler lighting – lights like incandescent lighting can give off more heat compared to CFL and LED light bulbs.
  • Insulate and seal – when a house has good insulation, there will be no need to exhaust the AC unit. In fact, according to experts, good insulation can save up to 15% of energy in the house.

Cooling Yourself

When it is really hot, cooling your house might be insufficient, and cooling yourself might help you on a great deal. The following are the ways on how to cool your physical body and be refreshed:

  • Take a cold shower – taking cold showers in summer might increase your energy bills a little, but it is cheaper than exhausting your AC unit. Taking a cold shower frequently could cool you off immediately after the water pours out on you, and even hours after the bath.
  • Chill your pillow – there is nothing more inconvenient than sleeping in a very warm environment, as it triggers a feeling of wakefulness contrary to what cooler environment provides. To avoid this, wrap your pillow in a plastic bag and put it in the ref during the day and use it at night. You can also opt for chilling the pillowcase at day and using it at night.
  • Wear less clothing – wearing less and lighter clothing will make you feel comfortable and fresh all day compared to wearing heavy clothes you use during colder seasons. Avoid wearing jackets, pajamas, or thick clothes to minimize sweating and feeling hot. The fewer clothes you wear, the harder for your body to warm and lose sweat.


As mentioned, there are two ways on how to feel refreshed this summer: by keeping your house cool through blocking sunlight and allowing the cold breeze to go into the house and keeping your body cool by wearing less clothing and taking a cold shower. However, if those are still inadequate, you can try using fans than your AC unit.